Jonathan (AKA "Jonny", and then A - and to this day - KA "Johnny", because he decided he was really into the letter H when he was 8) Parkey was born to a couple of high school sweethearts on the eve of his mother's birthday. His father, Richard, a naval officer, had, mere months before, relocated his young, pregnant wife to his base in Honolulu. Johnny grew up on the island of O'Ahu, which could very well explain his laidback nature. While the man is pretty relaxed, he is no slacker. In fact, he is quite the opposite. After his father's untimely death in 2010, Johnny (who had, four years prior, moved to California to attend college, and subsequently, Oregon with his best friend, because he wanted a change of scenery) Johnny immediately stepped up and began to take care of his mother. While he did not pack up and move back to Hawaii (as he had offered to do, but the idea was immediately shot down by his mother), he did his best to assist her financially, and to this day, visits her on a regular basis. Currently, Johnny is gearing up for graduate school. He lives alone, with a newly acquired puppy. His days are usually spent doing all manner of outdoorsy things (with aforementioned puppy, but also with friends). His evenings are spent as a bar manager at a local establishment. Generally, though, he's right beside his hooch-slinging compatriots, throwing booze at people (well, not really, unless they deserve a drink to the face). It's a simple life. It's kind of a weird life. But it's the one for him.
basic info
birth name: Jonathan Richard Parkey
birthdate & age: December 4, 1987 & 27
hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
resides: Portland, Oregon
marital status: Single
parents: Richard Parkey; father (deceased), Elenore Maxwell-Parkey; mother (49)
siblings: Elise Parkey (sister, 25)
pets: Blue; Pit Bull mix, f, b. 5/31/15
PB: Theo James
WRITING: Third person, storybook, threads preferable, AIM is doable upon request, EST, random scenes/interaction/drama welcome (comment the screened post in his journal to discuss).
CREDIT: Codes by ~candace & edits by ~ame.
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